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 Ygopro Official War Book

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PostSubject: Ygopro Official War Book   Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:35 pm

Ygopro Official War Book

Important Rule: All War matches must be done on ladder. Failed to do so will be banned.

Register Clan/Team

  • Members can only be on one team at a time

  • An official Team must have a minimum of 5 total members

  • Teams must have a name that has not been used before.

  • When registering a Team, use the format in the box below

  • At least 5 of the listed members on the registration topic must confirm that they belong to that Team for it to be approved. The rest can confirm later.

  • When your registration is approved, its topic will be moved to official team section.

Registration topic:

Title Rank Bars

Title Bars are Obtained based on the following achievements:

  • Win 5 wars (Red Rank)

  • Win 10 wars (Yellow Rank)

  • Win 20 wars (Blue Rank)

  • Tourney winners (Gold Rank)

Registering a War

  • All the war terms must be agreed by both sides' Captains before the war starts.

  • When registering a war, use the form in the box below and post a topic in the section "Register a War"

  • A war will only be approved when all the form data is complete and the other opposing side posts their confirmation.

  • When your war is approved, the registration topic will be moved to the section "War Arena"

Ranked War Registration:

War Formats and Match Rules

  • During a match, the loser of a duel chooses who goes first in the next duel.

  • Both Teams begin with the same amount of players and subs in their rosters.

  • If a player is banned, make sure to confirm it with one of the admins before doing so and then replace the banned player with one of the players in the roster

1 vs 1:




During a War

  • After a match, one player must post the result and the other one must confirm it. (Just in case, be sure to take screenshots when the duel ends.)

  • If you or your opponent has to go between the duels of a match that is already in progress, neither player may challenge anyone else until the match is completed.

  • After the war starts, the rosters cannot be edited without a mutual agreement.


  • War should be finished within 5 days
    If a Team is stalling, call a Judge to look over the war and ensure that those situations don't affect the war result.

  • A deadline can and will be extended only if both Teams are still active enough to finish the war in a short time.

  • If during a war the Official Konami Banlist is changed, the war will continue using the Banlist it started with. (A Judge will define any necessary proxies.)


  • If you have a dispute with a player you are warring, you should always attempt to resolve it with the other player first:

  • Rulings should not be that much of an issue since it is auto

  • If it is a gameplay dispute, remain calm and try to explain the situation to your opponent.

  • If the situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you may contact a Judge. Please be patient when waiting, and explain the situation carefully.

  • If you are caught lying to a Judge or misrepresenting the facts, you can and will be punished.

  • If you feel you received a biased or incorrect ruling from a Judge and have solid arguments, contact an Administrator.


  • If someone leaves a duel on purpose, he'll get a game loss (this is not the same as an involuntary disconnection).

  • During a duel, if there is a lag or disconnection problem, both players must take screenshots to show what their cards are (including graves/RFG). Based on the screenshots, a decision will be made by an admin or judge:

  • If a player was about to lose or was in a lockdown or had a considerable disadvantage, his opponent wins.

  • If the duel was even, it will be a reduel.

  • If a player had some minor disadvantage but wouldn't lose yet, a special reduel might be made.

  • If the d/c occurred late in the duel (4000lp or less on both sides) and the lp is 1000lp difference and the player d/c. The person that lost connection loses the match.

* A special reduel consists on a reduel with a fixed starting LP and/or card count for both players. The idea is to emulate the situation in which the previous duel was.

Banlist rule: Konomi Banlist

Additional restrictions:
chain strike
nurse reficule
bad reaction to simochi
swift scarecrow
Threatening roar
Secret barrow
All 5 pieces of Exodia
Messenger of Piece
Dimensional Wall
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Archlord Krystya
Future Fusion

Wind-up hunter
Trident Dragon
Skill Drain
Evolzar Laggia
Macro Cosmos
Tour bus
Mage power
United We Stand
Stardust Dragon
Light Pulsar Dragon

Semi Limited:
Master Hyperion
Judgment Dragon
Evolzar Dolkka
Maxx C
Dimensional Fissure
Mystical Space Typhoon
Junk Synchron
Quickdraw Synchron
Inzecktor Hornet
Inzecktor Dragonfly
Inzecktor Centipede

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Ygopro Official War Book
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